Memorial Scholarship Motorcycle Run for Ryan Gardner and Courtney Carelli


On March 19, 2004 we all lost two friends, Courtney Carelli (20) and Ryan Gardner (21), taken in a tragic vehicle accident in Petersburg, New York. Not speeding, no alcohol, no drugs - just a terrible accident.

Usually we spend our lives, many years, here on earth to learn, grow, prosper and "leave our mark" on others before we pass on. In most cases we have a long run of many years to accomplish that. In most cases the mark we leave is of our own choice and is one that we spend our whole life creating. That is not the case here as our two friends were not given the time to finish creating the mark that they would have wanted to leave behind.

This Memorial Scholarship is intended to "Leave A Mark" - for them.

That is what you can do for them. The Courtney Carelli and Ryan Gardner Memorial Scholarship Fund has been set up for high school students in Berlin High School, Berlin New York. This Non-Profit Scholarship Program within the Berlin New York High School District encourages 11th and 12th graders to attend local colleges while still in high school. The program is partially State Funded but the prospective studentís family must offset the financial difference from their own sources. Not all students get the opportunity because of this financial issue.

This Scholarship Event, Your Tax Deductible Donations and all proceeds from this event plan to eliminate the financial burden on families and allow them the chance to send their children to these colleges.



This scholarship fund is working, between 2004 - 2006 there were over 70 scholarships granted





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