Parts and Accessories for Custom V-Twin's built from the ground up or restoring Harley Davidson's


We have been riding and wrenching on HD's for, well over 40 years.  With this new-wave custom bike hysteria and the invention of the new phrase "Old Skool" all we can say is we have been twisting metal for so long that we must be "Pre Skool"

We don't just sell parts - we ride everything we build.  That's right... we ride the bikes we build from scratch before you get it.  It's gotta be right before it goes out the door.  Simply put while your bike is here we treat it as ours.  The quality of our workmanship and products are what we're most proud of.  We manufacture custom parts, supply quality aftermarket parts and perform engine work for American Built V-Twin Motorcycles. 

We have over 60 custom and restoration parts suppliers, a Full Machine Shop including 3 CNC machines and have over 88 combined years of wrenching V-Twin Motorcycles.

We do our best to keep our prices below other suppliers.  That is a promise that we try to keep but in some cases an item can be purchased someplace else for less.  What can we say - "we gotta eat too'.  We stand behind all of our transactions, have Real Technical Support and have been the same location for over 20 years.


So Ask Yourself This:

How easy is this to get your questions answered
This just means drop us a note. Include the OEM part number if you have one, the part number from any aftermarket manufacturer, or just some words describing what it is your trying to accomplish. Perhaps you can't figure out what it is that your trying to do or your just looking for new ideas or even more important - Your Just Looking For Better Prices. What ever the case, drop us a note Right Here - Right Now with your request and we will respond with pricing, availability, and pictures if necessary.
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How have we stayed in business for so long?  It's pretty simple to describe.

Prices, Honesty and Quality of Workmanship


 Thanks for making this number today: