August 12th, 2006 Third Year Runnin'
Not a bad day
You left your bike WHERE?
Who put the trash can up here?
Some came from someplace called OHIO and Florida. Do they have running water there?  
Why are they following me? 
Damn nice rear tire!! Must be a Metzler

Probably should supply respirators for this stuff! 

Go ahead -  I Dare ya. -Ask her! Whose Yer' Daddy? 

Quit smacking me in the head!
Damn - Can I hang from that string instead of drive this thing?
OK - now I gotta think about this - But the beers were going down pretty smooth
A special thanks to our friends at Drag Specialties!
Tire sales will be up Next Week!
Hee -Hee- Hee - Maybe if I hang around here and look cute I can get a ride  
Will someone take this mike - I'm tired of the MC thing!  
Who ever said you gotta have a front wheel! 
I don't think so! 
Yup - he blew the tire and won a free one!! 
Oh yea - This is how ya' do it!! 




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